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Minneriya National Park 0

Minneriya National Park

Drive northwards to the Habarana Junction to join the A11 to Polonnaruwa and the east coast. At the 32km (20-mile)...

What to Drink in Sri Lanka 0

What to Drink in Sri Lanka

The usual international soft drinks can be found anywhere in Sri Lanka but many local brands, such as the popular...

Rekawa Beach 0

Rekawa Beach

Rekawa Beach is one of the most important sea turtle nesting sites in Sri Lanka. It can be reached from...

Sri Lanka Rice and curry 0

Sri Lanka Rice and curry

Sri Lanka Rice and curry Rice and curry, the island’s popular signature dish, is served up in just about every...

kaudulla national park 0

Kaudulla National Park

Some 22km north of Habarana, Kaudulla National Park provides a link in the migratory corridor for elephants, connecting with Minneriya and...

Point Pedro and arround 0

Point Pedro and around

Due east along the coast from Keerimalai (Note that there’s no direct connecting road.You’ll have to return south to Chunnakam),...

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