Kandy Esala Perahera 2016

Kandy Esala Perahera 2016 Tentative Date

Perahera Processions

Perahera Procession Days

The 1st Kumbal Perahera August 7th 2016
The 2nd Kumbal Perahera August 8th 2016
The 3rd Kumbal Perahera August 9th 2016
The 4th Kumbal Perahera August 10th 2016
The 5th Kumbal Perahera August 11th 2016
The 1st Randoli Perahera August 12th 2016
The 2nd Randoli Perahera August 13th 2016
The 3rd Randoli Perahera August 14th 2016
The 4th Randoli Perahera August 15th 2016
The 5th Randoli Perahera August 16th 2016
The Day Perahera August 17th 2016
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The month of Esala (July), during which period this annual pageant is usually held, had been considered a month of celebrations and festivity, both among Indians and Sri Lankans.
Even from the lifetime of the Buddha in the 6th century BC, the Esala festival was held to commemorate the Buddha’s Conception, his Renunciation and the First Sermon. Esala is also considered to be the beginning of the raining season (Vassana) when the monks commence their Retreat. Also, this month is considered to be the period when ritual performances to the protective divinities are held, (eg Pattini puja) as recorded in the text ‘Pattini-Halla’.
Being considered a ‘chaste’ month, the period is held sacred for the availability of water, hence prosperity. Several records have been left behind by dignitaries and other visitors to the island such as Robert Knox, John Davy, etc. The description of the perahara. These accounts provide much evidence as to the constitution and organization of the present day perahara.
Yet many features seem to have been added and some changed to suit the time and the available resources and conditions.Dalada procession and the social traditions are linked so much together; the month of Esala has been named as the procession month, because of the Esala feast. In the 18th century at the time of King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe the four Devala Peraharas and Dalada Perahara were amalgamated and were made series of Peraharas.

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