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Polonnaruwa – The ancient city Polonnaruwa was originally enclosed by three concentric walls and filled with parks and gardens. At its centre lay the royal residences of successive kings, comprising the Citadel , and the buildings of the Island Gardens

Menik vihara and Rankot vihara 0

Menik vihara and Rankot vihara

The northern districts of ancient Polonnaruwa were almost entirely given over to religious pursuits, home to a sequence of monastic...

Gal Vihara in Polonnaruwa 0

Gal Vihara in Polonnaruwa

Just to the north, the Gal Vihara (“Stone Shrine” or Black Stone Shrine) represents the pinnacle of Sri Lankan rock...

Quadrangle Polonnaruwa 0

Quadrangle Polonnaruwa

Quadrangle Polonnaruwa Only a short stroll north of the royal palace ruins, the area known as the Quadrangle is literally that –...

Polonnaruwa the ancient city 0

Polonnaruwa the ancient city

Polonnaruwa the ancient city The ruins of Polonnaruwa are scattered over an extensive area of dry, gently undulating woodland. The...

History of Polonnaruwa 0

History of Polonnaruwa

History of Polonnaruwa Kings led the Central fields of Sri Lanka from Polonnaruwa 800 years back, when it was a...

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