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Sri Lanka claims a unique and exciting cuisine, shaped by the island’s bounty and the influence of traders, and colonisers
In a world packed with more well-known cuisines, like Indian, Thai and Vietnamese, Sri Lankan cuisine is little known.

What to Drink in Sri Lanka 0

What to Drink in Sri Lanka

The usual international soft drinks can be found anywhere in Sri Lanka but many local brands, such as the popular...

Sri Lanka Rice and curry 0

Sri Lanka Rice and curry

Sri Lanka Rice and curry Rice and curry, the island’s popular signature dish, is served up in just about every...

manioc- 0

Sri Lanka Manioc

There’s a popular notion that no one can ever go hungry in Sri Lanka because there will always be some...

Sri lankan Yellow Rice 0

Sri lankan Yellow Rice

Yellow Rice , This is a popular Sri Lankan dish, which is great to serve if you are ow to...

How to make Kiribath or Milk rice 0

How to make Kiribath or Milk rice

Kiribath’, or corm rice, is a popular dish with cultural significance. The dish is traditionally the first solid food given to...

How to Make biryani 0

How to Make biryani

This is the queen of rice dishes, served by people who are going all out to show their wealth. Everyone...

Sri Lankan fried rice 0

Sri Lankan fried rice

Sri Lankan fried rice This dish is always a quick fix for everyone, who would use food remaining in the...

Fruits - Srilanka 0

Fruits – Srilanka

Sri Lanka has  variety of fruits – (Srilanka), from the familiar to the bizarre, including several classic Southeast Asian fruits...

Sri lankan Drinks 0

Sri lankan Drinks

Sri Lanka’s heat means that refreshing beverages are an important  and crucial  part of the day’s consumption. » Tea with spoon...

Tasty foods Sri lanka 0

Tasty foods Sri lanka

Tasty foods Sri lanka With an island as rich in flavors and spices as Sri Lanka, its no shock its...

Sri Lankan Food : Best 40 0

Sri Lankan Food : Best 40

40 of the Island’s Best Dishes A few things about Sri Lankan food can be said with certainty: Sri Lankans...

Taste of Sri Lankan cuisine 0

Taste of Sri Lankan cuisine

Thanks to its strategic position on the course in the middle of East and West, numerous cultres have impacted Sri...

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