What to Drink in Sri Lanka

What to Drink in Sri Lanka
What to Drink in Sri Lanka

The usual international soft drinks can be found anywhere in Sri Lanka but many local brands, such as the popular Elephant House ginger beer, can be found in stores. Fresh juice is another great option as Sri Lanka boasts a staggering variety of fruit. Try the wood apple juice when it is in season or enjoy lime juice with soda.

The sweet thambili (coconut water) is a refreshing alternative to water. Vendors selling tender yellow coconuts can be found all over the island. Lager is one of the main alcoholic drinks in Sri Lanka. Local lager brands include Lion and Three Coins; note that Lion Stout has high alcohol content. Toddy, the fermented sap from the coconut palm, is usually drunk in shacks in toddy-producing areas. Refined
toddy is called arrack, which is a national drink. It is either taken neat or topped with Coke or lemonade, and often used as a base for cocktails.
Imported spirits and wine are available but both are expensive. Alcohol is not sold on poya days. However, some tourist restaurants and hotels may occasionally serve it discreetly in a teapot.

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