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Transportation guide to Sri lanka, This is a comprehensive guide to Sri lanka public transportation. buses, Highways, Trains, boats and Many more.

Highways in Sri Lanka 0

Highways in Sri Lanka

Highways in Sri Lanka Various new Highways  has been opened over the last  few years. Most are toll roads, with relatively cheap tolls....

Sri lanka cycling Tours 0

Sri lanka cycling Tours

Bicycle are available for hire in most tourist towns. Just ask at your guesthouse ,they’ll probably have or know someone who has a...

srilanka-Taxi-rickshaws-tuktuks 0


Srilanka-Taxi-rickshaws-tuktuk The lines of motorized rickshaws (Tuk-tuks) which occupy the streets of every city, town and village are one of...

Trains in Sri lanka 0

Trains in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka’s train network, constructed by the British during the nineteenth century and little changed since, offers a characterful way...

Buses in Sri lanka 0

Buses in Sri lanka

Buses are the principal mode of transport in Sri Lanka. Any town of even the remotest value will be served...

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