Horton Plains Camping

Horton Plains Camping

Horton Plains is an interesting and fascinating place in Sri Lanka. It is situated in the most highest level of sri lanka and its known for its delightful scenes and uncommon plant and creature life. The Horton plains is a standout amongst the most vital catchment areas in Sri Lanka which store rain water and feed major rivers in sri lanka. The vegetation for the most part comprises of wet meadows and montane forest. The climate at Horton Plains is very Dynamic. Normal temperature shifts between 5 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius.

December to February – Temperatures are fairly low. Less chance of rain. Good time to visit Horton Plains.
March to May –  Not too cold. Flowers bloom all over the plains. Less chance of rain. Best time to visit Horton Plains.
June to September – Strong winds. Less chance of Rain.
September to November  – High possibility of Rain.

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Hiking: Horton plains is one of the most interesting hiking destinations in Sri Lanka. The popular hikes include Climbing Kirigalpoththa mountain second highest summit in Sri Lanka, Climbing Thotupola mountain the third highest in the island and World’s end, bakers falls circuit which cover the most popular attractions of the park.

Beautiful Landscapes – The main attraction of the park is the beautiful landscapes it posses. Rolling hills, endless grass lands with tiny wildflowers, clean streams flowing through valleys, waterfalls and the scattered forest patches create endless diversity in landscapes. The dynamic whether, mist and sunlight makes is even more interesting and beautiful.

Bird’s and other fauna / flora: A Horton plain is home to some of the rarest animals found in Sri Lanka. If you pay close attention you will be able to spot some of them and if you are really lucky you may even be able to see a “Leopard”.

Where to Stay

Horton plain is just 30km from Nuwara-Eliya and 40km from Bandarawela. There are plenty of accommodation options available in these two town.

Following are accommodation closer to Horton Plains;

Forest Department Bungalow at Kande-Ela (20km to visitor Center)
Camp Sites of Wildlife Department (Inside Horton Plains)
Ginihiriya Department of Wildlife bungalow (Inside Horton Plains)
Forest Department Dormitory at Ohiya (9km to visitor center)
Maha-Eliya Department of Wildlife bungalow (Inside Horton Plains)

Notes to Travelers

Horton Plains is a strict “no polythene”, “no open flames” zone. You are not allowed to carry any plastic bags, sheets, lighters or match boxes. Pack your snacks in airtight boxes if you want to take them along with you.

Camp fires are NOT allowed inside the park. Please carry Gas/Kerosene burners.


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