10 best things to do in Sri lanka

10 best things to do in Sri lanka

1.Rock art  in Sigiriya
In the heart of Ceylon, the remarkable site of Sigiriya, an elevated rock of reddish  dominating, from a height of almost 180m.At the summit of the rock is the sustained castle with its destroyed structures, its reservoirs and its sculptures. At the foot of the rock are the two quarters of the lower city which are guarded by a gigantic wall.Halfway up the rock, inside  rocky shelter in the vertical wall of the western face are rock painted creations which have bought universal acclaim to the site of Sigiriya



 2.Sun Bathing in Pasikuda Beach
Pasikuda beach, is  one of the most secure shorelines in Sri lanka is extremely popular among the travelers who go around the sri lankan tourism areas. It is found in the eastern shore of Sri Lanka. The closest city is Batticloa. though out the year time Pasikuda beach is completely packed with tourists from all around the world. The ocean is visualized with perfectly clear water. foreigners  never miss this shoreline as it is known as a perfect destination for an sea bath

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3.Visit temple of tooth relic
The temple of tooth relic or the Dalada maligawa is the greatest Buddhist holy place in Sri lanka. Since Kandy was the capital of ancient Sri lanka , ruled by numerous incredible Kings. The temple opened as the heart of the Kandy city. The sacared tooth relic was recived to Sri lanka around 16 centuries ago. The other tooth relic is belived to be put in the Somawthi Dagoba.So many devotees and pilgrims worship the temple every day.The temple of the sacred tooth relic is the greatest placed where you can encounter the Sri lankan culture at its best

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4.Enjoy Wildlife at its best – Udawalawe National Park
Broadly known for its populace of Sri Lankan Elephants , the Udawalawe National Park is the main spot where an elephant locating is ensured on each and every safari drive. There are around 600 to 700 Sri Lankan Elephants in this untamed wildlife park and it is not uncommon to see expansive crowds gather to drink water and food.

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5. Take a trip to Mirissa
The town of Mirissa is remarkable amongst the tourist groups as it has been a celebrated destination for some national and international tourists throughout recent years. Individuals who like to go for vacations and need to investigate new traveler destinations would genuinely fall head over heels in love for this spot. It is located between the two prestigious and delightful cities  of Galle and the Matara. The boom of this place however starts from April and goes till November as the Whales approach the sea zone of Whales Lanka.

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6.Relax on Knuckle’s mountain range
The Knuckles mountain preservation which expands over Matale and Kandy region is under control of the Department of forest conservation of Sri lanka.This is a best place to relax and definitely it will blow you away. The mist enveloped the peaks of the mountains seems like a heaven in the forest. Nnumerous eco travelers and nature lovers investigate the whole moutain range for studies, examines and research. Absolutely you will wonder about this current nature’s gift for the bio diversitys, botany, science and ecological zones

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7.Crystal clear water at Unawatuna beach
Tourists visit the Unawatuna beach to spend their holidays and weekends leisurely.This natural swimming pool is almost preferred by scuba divers. Either you can drink a coconut palm or bliss at Ayurvedha spa treatments to refresh your mind and body.Significantly the fleet water can be enjoyed by snorkeling and diving at underwater.

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8.Find the Ancient city of Polonnaruwa
Polonnaruwa today is a showcase of the great ancient Sri Lankan architecture dating back to 12th Century AD ,which was interwoven with many Buddhist monasteries and monuments which were built by the King Parakramabahu.To see many of the relics excavated from the site such as the stone lion which once guarded the palace of King Nissanka Malla,you may have to visit the National Museum in Colombo, where they are kept.

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9.Chill in Busy Colombo
Sri Lanka’s Capital Colombo, a port city, with a rich pioneer legacy, on the Western coast is a blend of races, religions and societies. The city is a difference itself, with mansions,fine dining options, lush gardens, shopping centers stuffed with extravagant designer brands standing next to urban slums; diesel seethed congested streets and road markets.

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10.Sweat it out at Amazing waterfalls Srilanka
The mountains of Sri Lanka swarm with waterfalls of perfect excellence. Numbering more than hundred and huge numbers of them are basically unknwon. In fact for it’s size Sri Lanka has recorded water falls than any another country in world.

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