Enternainment in Sri lanka

Enternainment in Sri lanka

Enternainment in Sri lanka

Traditional Dance


Sri Lanka’s long and rich dance tradition is a unique reflection of the country’s cultural heritage.The Esala Perahera in Kandy offers a superb opportunity to experience Kandyan dance and music. Visitors who can’t make it to the festival can enjoy nightly dance performances at a handful of venues around the city, such as the Kandyan Art Association



Cinemas in Sri Lanka exist in the main towns and cities, with the largest number being in Colombo. Some show the latest Hollywood blockbusters while others only screen local productions as well as Bollywood films. Liberty Lite and Majestic Cinema in Colombo boasts all the latest releases.3D cinemas can be found in major cities such as Colombo,Galle,Kurunegala,jaela

Bars, Nightclubs and Casinos

Nightlife is common outside the major hotels in most Sri Lankan towns. However,local bars and drinking dens can be found in some places.The nightlife in the capital is definitely getting livelier. New bars and clubs are opening all over the city, and things are buzzing during weekends


Baila is a popular form of music in Sri Lanka. It originated among African slaves who were brought to the island in the 16th century. It entered the main stream in the 1960s and is still a popular form of entertain ment. Concerts are regularly held in towns such as Chillaw and Negombo


Cricket is the main spectator sport in Sri Lanka and a national passion. The country has won the cricket World Cup in 1996 . International matches in formats such as Test and Twenty20 (T20) are held here, while domestic cricket tournaments are also organized

Ayurvedic and Spa Treatments

Many hotels in Sri Lanka have in-house Ayurvedic wellness centres or spas, which have relaxing treatments for guests. These include massages as well as herbal baths, hot-oil treatments, beauty treatments and aroma therapy.

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