Geoffrey Bawa – Sri Lanka

Geoffrey Bawa - Sri Lanka

Geoffrey Bawa is considered to be one of the most important Asian architects of the 20th century. Born to wealthy Burgher parents, Bawa read English at Cambridge University and followed in his father’s footsteps to become a lawyer.
He soon realized that a career in law was not for him and went travelling. However, it was only after returning to Sri Lanka and buying the estate at Lunuganga .Then he decided to become an architect. Bawa enrolled at the Architectural Association in London in 1956 and returned a year later to Colombo, where he set up a practice with other budding artists and architects, including Ena de Silva. Bawa’s earliest collaborator was the Danish architect Ulrik Plesner, and together they worked on projects in the Tropical Modernist style. Although they parted ways in 1966, Plesner had a marked impact on Bawa’s development as an architect. Bawa sought to create practical structures that blended modernity with tradition and which fused the inside with the outside. During his 40-year career he completed over 200 projects, of which very few survive in their original form.

Designed By Geoffrey Bawa
New Sri Lanka Parliament, in Kotte, was built to a design by Bawa . An artificial lake was created with an island at its centre,References to Sri Lankan and south Indian architecture are apparent

Seema Malaka, a modern temple on Beira Lake, was built between 1976 and 1978. Its design is thought to have been inspired by the forest monasteries of Anuradhapura, which had raised platforms connected by bridges.

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