Jetavanarama Dagoba in Anuradhapura

The Jetavanarama Dagoba’s massive arch ascents from a clearing back towards the Sri Maha Bodhi. Built in the third century by Mahasena, it may have initially remained more than 100m high, yet today is around 70m – like the Abhayagiri. When it was constructed it was the third-tallest monument on the world, the initial two being Egyptian pyramid
A British guidebook from the early 1900s calculated that there were enough bricks in the dagoba’s brick core to make a 3m-high wall stretching from London to Edinburgh. Behind it stand the ruins of a monastery that housed 3000 monks. One building has door jambs over 8m high still standing, with another 3m underground. At one time, massive doors opened to reveal a large Buddha image.

Buddhist Railing
A little south of the Jetavanarama Dagoba, on the other side of the road, there is a stone railing built in imitation of a log wall. It encloses a site 42m by 34m, but the building within has long disappeared.

Jetavanarama Museum
A 1937 British colonial building provides a suitably regal venue for some of the treasures found at Jetavanarama.
The objects displayed here show great craftsmanship and details, unlike what has been recovered and displayed from other

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