Colombo Fort , Pettah Market street Shops


during the European time period Fort was in fact a post, encompassed by the ocean on two sides and a channel on the landward sides. Today its truly at the focal point of Colombo’s resurgence, with stupendous old provincial period structures being restored in the midst of a mixof present day structures, for example, the World Trade stays in proof here as the president’s official living arrangement and different government services are here. You may need to bypass around a bit however its a reduced region and can be acknowledged on a short walk.
Begin at the Old Galle Buck Lighthouse which has superb seafront sees. It was built in 1954 and is encompassed by old canons. Simply north, search for the white dagoba (stupa) of Sambodhi Chaitiya roosted around 20m off the ground on stilts – a point of interest for ocean voyagers. The clock tower at the intersection of Chatham St and Janadhipathi Mawatha, was initially a beacon that was inherent in 1857. Chatham St is seeing a ton of renovation of old structures, one of the most fantastic being the old colonnaded Central Bank . Simply north, Sir Baron Jayatilaka Mawatha has the fantastically restored Lloyd’s Buildings which are in sharp complexity to the battered old hulk on the east side. Nearby retail monster Cargills once had its principle store on York St.

The occupied harbor on the north side of Fort is basically walled off yet you can enjoy clearing views from the modest patio of the generally uninteresting top-floor bistro of the Grand Oriental Hotel .

Old Dutch Hospital HISTORIC BUILDING Centerpiece of the recently lively Fort, this colonialera complex goes once more to the early 1600s. Luxuriously restored, it is home to shops, bistros and restaurants run by some of Colombo’s best operators. Appreciate a stop for a frosty beverage in the midst of the incredibly thick segments of its arcades.

St Peter’s CHURCH Reached along the arcade on the north side of the Grand Oriental hotel, this church was changed over from the Dutch senator’s banquet hall and was first utilized as a church in 1821. Inside it has an unique wood roof and heap plaques verifying to its work with sailors as the years progressed.



Quickly inland from Fort, the clamoring bazaar of Pettah is one of the most oldest districts in Colombo and a standout amongst the most interesting spots to use a couple of hours. It is the most ethnically blended place in the nation. while all the more natural interests can be found in business stalls and shops offering apparently everything.

1st Cross St at Bankshall St  – plastic fl owers
2nd Cross St at Bankshall St – lace & ribbons
2nd Cross St – jewellery
Gabo’s Lane at 5th Cross St  -Ayurvedic ,medicines
Dam St – bicycles

The crowds in Pettah can get to be overpowering during the morning and late afternoon  hurry hours yet the lanes are still thronged amid most daylight hours. Sellers rushing with trucks heaped with impossible loads, zooming three-wheelers, cars and vans attempting to fit down limited paths and individuals rushing and yon can make for an fine experience. Your best  bet is to find a shady spot out of activity and simply watch the timeless swirl around


The concentrated and manic trade of Pettah is gathered much further in its businesses. Simply east of Fort train station, Manning Market is ready with everything grown in Sri Lanka. It’s the city’s wholesale foods grown from the ground focus and is a monkey’s fantasy of bananas.


Colombo’s entryway porch is south of Fort. Galle Face Green is a long extend of yard confronting a narrow shoreline and the ocean. It was initially cleared by the Dutch to give the guns of Fort an agreeable line of fire. Today its expansive gardens and coastline are a prevalent meeting spot on weekdays its specked with kite flyers, couples and families, and food sellers at the south end along the surf , offer up all manner of deep-fried and briny snacks.

Children jumpfrom the little wharf into the somewhat questionable waters underneath. Note the pelicans roosted on the light shafts at the north end. The remaining structures of the 19thcentury  Colombo Club face the green from the grounds of Taj Samudra hotel.

At opposite ends of the green are the delightful old Galle Face Hotel Another wave of luxurious hotels are planned for the area.

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