Dambulla Sri lanka

The town of DAMBULLA is famous for its remarkable cave temples – and given that they stand close to an important junction of the Colombo–Trincomalee and KandyAnuradhapura roads, you’re almost certain to pass right by.Dambulla’s famed Royal Rock Temple is an iconic Sri Lankan image – you’ll be familiar with its spectacular Buddha-filled interior long before you arrive in town. Despite its slightly commercial air, this remains an important holy place and should not be missed if you are anywhere nearby.

The temples here are little masterpieces of Sinhalese Buddhist art: five magical, dimly lit grottoes which seem to glow with the rich reds and golds of the innumerable statues that fill every space and the paintings that cover every surface.This complex of caves at Dambulla is a standout amongst the most great Buddhist Temples on the planet. It was here that King Vattagamini Abhaya (Valagamba) took refuge in the first century BCE. He later transformed the caves under a rock temple.. Later kings made further changes, including King Nissanka Malla who had the temple interior gilded, earning it the name of Ran Giri – Golden Rock

Dambulla’s position close to the heart of the Cultural Triangle makes it a convenient base; there are a few passable guesthouses in town, and several tempting top-end hotels nearby.
The centre is marked by the usual clocktower, north of which stretches the main run of shops, housed in a dispiriting string of modern concrete buildings; to the south of the clocktower lies the town’s bus stand, an anarchic wholesale market and, further south, most of its guesthouses. You can visit it as a day trip on public transport from Kandy, or stop by on your way to or from Sigiriya.Dambulla has ATMs, grocery stores and plenty of other shops.

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