Dutch Hospital in Galle

Dutch Hospital in Galle

Flag Rock, at the southernmost end of the Fort, was once a Portuguese fortress. Today it is easily the most well known place to catch a sun-set. In the course of daylight hours you may see daredevil locals swinging into the water from the rocks. Numerous merchants sell good street food like fresh papaya with chilli powder from carts.
During the Dutch period, coming ships were signalled from the bastion atop Flag Rock, warning them of risky rocks – as a result its name. Musket shots were fired from Pigeon Island, close to the rock, to furthermore inform ships to the danger. Later, the Dutch built a lighthouse here; since taken off, the nearby street name lives.

As one of its latest projects the Urban Development Authority has initiated the refurbishment of the old Galle Dutch Hospital, transforming it into a striking new shopping complex. This union of old world charm and modern sophistication will house 21 exclusive stores featuring world renowned brands that offer a unique collection of products including handicrafts, paintings, spices and jewellery coupled with a wide offering of restaurants and cafes

The Old Dutch Hospital in Galle is great. It’s not huge ,however there’s pretty good quality  shops, restaurants, bars and coffee-shops inside, and the restoration and location are wonderful. It’s a perfect addition to Galle Fort.

Why It Matters

The 2004 tsunami was devastating and brought international attention to the region.A 2005 report on the impact of the tsunami on monuments and sites of significance along the Sri Lankan shores notes that “in catastrophes of this nature… restoration is a very special contribution towards preserving and carrying out the memory of the past into the rebuilding of the future.” Through the preservation and restoration of the Old Dutch Hospital, and, more generally, the historic city of Galle, some sense of familiarity and comfort was brought back to the region and its people.

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