Getting to Hikkaduwa

In the mid 1960’s Hikkaduwa began its transform from a little fishing town into one of Sri Lanka’s global holiday destination. Today explorers, travelers and backpackers alike support the beach party climate of Hikkaduwa made by the surfing & diving scene.Getting to Hikkaduwa not a difficult task, Read below ;


There are frequent buses from Colombo (normal/ luxury , two to three hours).Buses also operate frequently to Galle ( 30 minutes). Buses to Galle or beyond will drop you south of the bus station along the guesthouse strip. When leaving Hikkaduwa you stand more chance of a seat if you start at the bus station.


There are two roads connecting Hikkaduwa with Galle and Colombo. The old Colombo–Galle road runs right through the middle of Hikkaduwa.Travelling along this road to central Colombo takes at least three hours and you should allow four or five hours to get to the airport . Galle is 30 minutes away. It’s not worth taking the new Southern Expressway, which is the toll road running 15 minutes inland from the coast, to Galle, but you can shave a great chunk of time off the journey to the southern edge of Colombo.


The trains can get very crowded; avoid the really slow ones that stop everywhere. Check at the station for express departure times. Service on the coast line is fairly frequent; destinations include Colombo (2nd/3rd class , two to three hours), Galle (2nd/3rd class ,30 minutes) and beyond to Matara.


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