South Coast of Hikkaduwa

The south stretch is the surf beach and there are a lot of surfers hanging around here. If you want to party and have a drink in your own sun bed then this is the place to go.In General Hikkaduwa is beautiful long beach divided into the northern and southern stretch. The northern part is protected by a reef and therefore has a natural lagoon that boats can anchor in.

Around 4km south of Hikkaduwa, the traffic-plagued town of DODANDUWA is home to the chintzy little Kumarakanda Vihara, looking for all the world like a Baroque Portuguese church rather than a Buddhist temple. The temple is on the inland side of the Galle Road just north of the rail line, from where a long flight of steps leads up to the principal shrine, which contains a reclining Buddha and various modern murals.
Inland from here a sylvan country lane runs to Rathgama lagoon,one of the many that dot the southwestern coast. The Blue Lagoon Boat House down by the waterside offers lagoon trips in primitive wooden catamarans – late afternoon is the best time to see birds and other wildlife, including monkeys. They’ll also take you to the two retreats on the lake, one for men, one for women. You may be offered similar trips but at much higher prices by touts at Dodanduwa.Dodanduwa has a peaceful atmosphere and outstanding scenic beauty , You can visit the Dodanduwa lagoon, as well as its surroundings which have their own charm even today. “Shailabimbaramaya” Temple near dodanduwa  is one of famous temples in the area and one the finest of the island’ Southern temples.


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