Point Pedro and around

Due east along the coast from Keerimalai (Note that there’s no direct connecting road.You’ll have to return south to Chunnakam), at the extreme northeastern tip of the
Jaffna Peninsula, lies the modest little town of POINT PEDRO . There’s not much to see here.The town’s only real sight is the Theru Moodi Madam, a traditional travellers’ rest house comprising a roofed stone archway, with pillared shelters to either side, built across a road on the east side of town.Just east of here Point Pedro Lighthouse (no photography) marks the most northerly point in Sri Lanka.


Due west of Point Pedro, the fishing village of VELVETTITURAI .On the east side of the village lies a large Amman Temple, whose festival in April draws enormous crowds. Immediately behind this is a second large temple, dedicated to Shiva,


Around 5km south of Point Pedro, the village of VALLIPURAM was formerly one of the peninsula’s principal towns, and is still home to its second largest temple: a sprawling,rustic complex which is thought to date back to the first century AD. It’s also one of the very few in Sri Lanka dedicated to Vishnu, who according to legend appeared here in the form of a fish.

The Manalkadu Desert

To the southeast of Vallipuram is the so-called Manalkadu Desert, a rather far-fetched name for a small range of coastal sand dunes. You may be able to find the remains of St Anthony’s Church, built around 1900 and now picturesquely half-buried in the sand.

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