Sri Lanka’s highest mountain, Pidurutalagala (2524m), rises behind the town. On top stands the island’s main TV transmitte , the peak is out of bounds to the public. You can walk about 4km up as far as a concrete water tank; beyond is a high-security zone. Follow the path from Keena Rd, along a ravine through eucalyptus forest and into the rare, indigenous cloud forest. An alternative walk is up Single Tree Hill (2100m), which takes about 90 minutes. Walk south on Queen Elizabeth Rd, go up Haddon Hill Rd as far as the communications tower and then take the left-hand path. Guesthouses can supply you with a rudimentary map.

Getting to the peak of Sri Lanka’s highest mountain is a difficult and action-packed task. However, for those who overcome that difficulty and reach the summit will be rewarded with the view on offer from the Peak of Pidurutalagala Mountain which are more than just breathtaking. Apart from offering dramatic views of the country, this mountain offers a wonderfully cool climate.

The village with the coolest climate in the Sri Lanka is positioned between Pidurutalagala Mountain and the city of Nuwara-Eliya.Numerous plants, animals, birds and flowers are hidden in this mountain and most of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. Many rare species of botanical life can also found in Pidurutalagala. For instance, the Soma plant which can be found only at Himalayas of India also grows here.Due to its enormous height, many local broadcasting stations have set up their towers at the peak of this mountain including the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation. The lights of Rupavahini tower can be seen from a considerable distance away.

Travellers both local and international identify this mountain as a haven for trekking. The journey involves trekking through jungles; past streams and through heavy mist before finally emerging at the summit and its stunning views.

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