Polonnaruwa ancient places near Quadrangle

Along the road leading north from the Quadrangle, a gravel road branches off to the right just before you reach the city wall.Most of the following structures are on this road, as are many others. Several buildings in this area are Shiva Devales (Hindu temples),relics from the south Indian invasion of the 10th century.

Shiva Devale No 1

Just south of the Quadrangle, the 13th century Hindu temple Shiva Devale No 1 displays the Indian influence that returned after Polonnaruwa’s Sinhalese florescence. It is notable for the superb quality of its stonework, which fits together with unusual precision.
The domed brick roof has collapsed, but when this building was being excavated a number of excellent bronzes, now in the Archaeological Museum, were found.

Shiva Devale No 2

Similar in style, Shiva Devale No 2 is the oldest structure in Polonnaruwa and dates from the brief Chola period, when the Indian invaders established the city. Unlike so many buildings in the Ancient Cities, it was built entirely of stone, so the structure today is much as it was when built.

Pabula Vihara

Also known as the Parakramabahu Vihara, Pabula Vihara is a typical dagoba from the period of Parakramabahu I. It is the third largest
dagoba in Polonnaruwa.

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