Kottu : Sri Lanka’s Favourite Street Food

An extremely popular Sri Lankan street food dish is known as kottu or kottu roti. Essentially it is composed of shredded pieces of Sri Lankan godamba roti, which is sort of like a giant sized paratha (an oily fried piece of thin dough), that is stir fried with an assortment of spices and a choice of other meaty (or vegetarian) ingredients.

Kottu roti is sort of like the “hamburger” of Sri Lanka, something that’s so tasty, available as a fast meal, and it’s basically nearly impossible to resist.To take things even to the next level, kottu is usually served with a separate bowl of curry sauce, used to moisten and add extra flavor to the stir fried flatbread.

Cheese Kottu

If vegetarian kottu is the hamburger of Sri Lanka, cheese kottu is thequadruple bacon cheeseburger.Yellow curry powder flavor is bumped up a few notches with cheese kottu and it’s a Sri Lankan food that you just can’t miss. The cheese is not traditional yellow cheese, but rather more like cottage milk cheese.

Egg Kottu

Another variation of kottu is with vegetables and egg – a very good combo, one of my particular favorite variations of the dish.The vegetables include a few meager sprigs of leek, onions, and cabbage, and the sizzling godamba roti is lathered with egg to make it even richer…and more delicious.The egg adds some extra protein, which is always a good thing.

Making Kottu

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