Bentota River safaris

The calm waters of the Bentota lagoon provide a year-round venue for all sorts of watersports, including waterskiing, jet-skiing, speedboating, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, lagoon boat trips, deep-sea fishing and banana-boating .Boat trips can be arranged through some Bentota or Aluthgama guesthouses and hotels or through local watersports centres. Around $10 per person per hour in a group of four people, proportionately more in a couple or on your own The Bentota lagoon is the last section of the broad Bentota River (Bentota Ganga) and a popular launchpad for boat safaris along the river, which meanders inland for a few kilometres from the Bentota bridge before losing itself in another mazy lagoon dotted with tiny islands and fringed with tangled mangrove swamps.

During the River safari You will see a fair selection of aquatic birds – herons, cormorants and colourful kingfishers – as well
as a few water monitors, while your boatman might also ferry you right in among the mangroves themselves, a mysterious and beautiful sight as you drift though still, shaded waters beneath huge roots. You’re unlikely to see much of interest on a one-hour trip,
but the longer the trip and the further upriver you travel, the more unspoilt the scenery becomes. Longer excursions usually include extras such as trips to coconut factories or handicrafts shops, and you may also be taken to visit the Galapata Vihara

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