Kanneliya Rain Forest

Kanneliya Forest Reserve situated in the Galle region is the biggest of forest complex in srilanka. Kanneliya is considered as one of most    biologically diverse areas in the country.The water flows in the forest are now recovering with a numerous numbers of streams adding life to the diverse vegetation and some what hilly landscape. These streams create several beautiful cascades in side the forest. They also provide ideal opportunities for nice cool dip in some of the purest streams in the whole world.


December to February Lower chance of rain. Streams generally rich after rain. Good time to visit Kanneliya for waterfalls.
March to April Less chance of rain. But water levels would also be less. Good time to visit Kanneliya for Hiking
May to July Higher changce of rain. Time your visit after high monsoon activity to see waterfalls in full flow
August, September Can be quite dry. Good for hiking but water levels will be low.
October, November Higher changce of rain. Time your visit after high monsoon activity to see waterfalls in full flow

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How to get there

Public access to Kanneliya is allowed through the forest department managed conservation center located close to Galle-Udugama-Neliwa road at Koralegama, Panangala

Route1: Colombo -> Kalutara (Katukurunda) [45km on A2] -> Nagoda [3km on B008] -> Mathugama [5km on B308 & 11km on B8] -> Horawala [5km on B3] -> Moragala [7km] -> Palewatta [8km on B3] -> Pitigala [10km on B3] -> Udugama [24km via Mapalagama] -> Panangala [6km on B156] ->Koralegama -> Kanneliya Conservation Centre [2km](approximately 125km)

Route2: Colombo -> Galle [120km on A2] ->Udugama [40km] ->Panangala [6km on B156] ->Koralegama -> Kanneliya Conservation Centre [2km](approximately 165km)


Natural Bath: Streams flowing through Kanneiya offers many opportunities to take a dip in clean, cool waters. Popular natural pools include the pool in front of the Kanneliya conservation center, the pool behind the conservation center and a natural pool behind the Kanneliya Forest resort.

Hiking: There are two main trails that takes you deep in to the forest. Kabbale mountain trail takes you up to a summit point from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding. Trail to Narangas Ella goes deep in to the forest passing several points of interest such as the Giant Navada tree.

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