Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka isn’t well-known for its windsurfing and  kitesurfing but that doesn’t mean there’s no action. Negombo has a wellrun kitesurfing school that runs kiting trips up and down the coast. Further north, the Kalpitiya area is also gaining a reputation for kitesurfing. Winds tend to be more constant up here but for the instant facilities are few and far between.
On that note, the far north of Sri Lanka,around Munnar Island and the islands off Jaffna, have good windsurfing potential.But they remain very much off the beaten track.
Some top-end hotels and a couple of private water-sport operators around the Bentota area hire beaten-up sailboards.It’s a good place for learners and lessons are possible; windsurfing courses cost around Rs 10,000.

Rascals kite resort is based on the beach right in the middle of the beautiful Kalpitiya Lagoon with good wind conditions and safe surroundings for the beginner.

There is a beginner course which includes following ;

Kitesurfing location selection / Wind direction / Wind theory /Equipment and safety devices/ Kite flying/ Communication and Safety / Rigging and de-rigging /Bar and lines setup / Kite handling, launch and landing/ Body dragging / Kite water relaunch/Power strokes/ Board handling/ The Waterstart!

Total Duration 9 hours , The price for a full beginner course is (1 pax) 340 Eur (2 pax) 250 Eur/pax

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