Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli Beach is  One of the finest shorelines in Sri lanka, the pearly sands, the stunning coastline this is a tangible verification of serenity in sri lanka.For years Nilaveli, with its bending palms swaying over the golden sand, has been considered one of Sri Lanka’s best beaches. It is unique to the point that the feeling you encounter when you see it, is unique itself. One can truly join with nature at this beach at a serious level. This is a spot where  many people come to enjoy from their busy lifestyles..It also has excellent snorkelling and diving and a great dive school.Ten kilometres north of Uppuveli, Nilaveli is the second of the Trincomalee area’s pair of fabled beaches.There are buses from Trinco to Nilaveli every twenty to thirty minutes . It’s quicker to take a tuktuk, especially as the beach is a kilometre or more away from the main road.

Nilaveli is located in East Coast of Sri Lanka is rated  as one of Asia’s top dive destinations and offers remarkable experiences for all expertise levels. As the island basically sits on a tremendous sandbank that drops 3000m into deep ocean you’ll typically discover shallow sand or rock bottoms, yet you can likewise dive on walls and drop-offs.

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