Tangalle Beach

Tangalle Beach offers a standout amongst the most charming shorelines of the South Coast of sri lanka because of scenic rock rock formations in the  local center Goyambokka. The stunning nature presents itself on a boat ride in the dreamy lagoon which extends behind Medilla and Medaketiya Beach. Turn toward the downpour beating against the window and feel the chill in your bones.now, shut your eyes and long for some place else. What do you see? Is it true that it is a tenderly curving shoreline of coconut-colored sand washed by lethargic sky blue waters?  it is, then what you’re dreaming about has a name. It’s called Tangalla and its the ideal solution for the wintertime soul. Tangalla is the door to the boundless expanses and completely open shorelines of southeast Sri Lanka. It’s the last town of any size before Hambantota and has some old world appeal. At the same time you’re truly here to discover your prefect  shoreline and delight in it.

Turtle Watching

In Rekawa 10 km east of Tangalle beach turtles don’t stop reproducing themselves. The best time to watch is April to September after dark, best at full moon! The Turtle Conservation Project was launched in the year 1996. Today local people from Rekawa take care of the breeding turtles. The charge is around 1000 LKR which is only charged when you actually see turtles.

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